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Get Up and Running with Maple Mini on Windows XP

This is a quick “how to” for those wanting to set up a maple mini on Windows XP

  1. Download the  Windows install package from leaflabs.com 139MB and extract them somewhere handy

    Download The Maple IDE
    Download the Maple IDE and supporting files from Leaflabs
  2. Plug your maple mini into the USB port
  3. when windows prompts for drivers,
    Install Drivers When Prompted
    Install Drivers When Prompted
    •    Select –> Install from a list or specific location
    • –> Next
    • Tick checkbox Include this location in search then browse to  the  /drivers/mapleDrv/dfu folder, inside the maple-ide folder
    • –> Next
  4. Open maple IDE and select board “Maple Mini R2 to flash”

    Select Board Type
    Select Board Leaf Labs Maple Mini to Flash
  5. From inside IDE File –> Examples –> Digital –> Blink
  6. Verify then Upload. The light should now start blinking and Windows will prompt for another driver.
  7. Install Driver as for number 4 but browse to /drivers/mapleDrv/serial
  8. If all has gone according to plan, you should have a new serial port to select from inside the maple IDE.