Programming your Arduino Compatible Pro Mini, using a CP2102 USB to Serial Module

We get a lot of inquiries on how to connect to, and load a program to, our Arduino Compatible Pro Mini.

In this post I will do a brief walk-through, using our CP2102 USB to Serial Bridge Module

The first thing to do is to download the drivers. The latest version will be available from the Silicon Labs Download Page. You will need to unzip the archive before installing the driver.

Once the driver installation has completed, you can plug the CP2102 module into your USB port to confirm that your computer recognizes your new hardware.

Be sure to remove your CP2102 module from your USB port before connecting it to your Pro Mini.

For this example, I am using the cable provided with the module to connect with the Pro

Arduino Pro Mini Connected to CP2102 Module
Arduino Pro Mini Connected to CP2102 Module

Mini. If you have installed female headers to your Pro Mini, you can plug the CP2102 module directly into those. The important thing is to get the correct pins connected.

Once the CP2102 module and the Pro Mini are connected, its time to plug them back into the USB and fire up the Arduino IDE.

I tend to do a quick test of my setup, using the demonstration program Blink.

Selecting Board Arduino Duemilanove in the Arduino IDE when programming an Arduino Pro Mini
Select Board in Arduino IDE

You will need to select the virtual com port from the drop down list. If there are a few, it may be necessary to try them until you find which one is your CP2102. Check that the processor option is set as 328p, and your board is set as Arduino Duemilanove.

Press upload, and after a few seconds, you should be rewarded with a flashing LED on the Pro Mini.






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